Agriturist was founded in Rome in February 1965, as ''Associazione Nazionale Agricoltura e Turismo'', first Italian association for farm holiday services in Italy, which also named the ''agriturismo'' phenomenon first.

Since 1978 it has taken the name ''Associazione Nazionale per l'Agriturismo , l'Ambiente e il Territorio'', and ten years later it became a recognized environment association recognized from the Ministry of Environment (Member of the National Council for Environment). This is also the aspect that is included into the ''Bureau Européen de l'Environnement''(BEE), confederation of the main environmental European associations.

Agriturist include not just agricultural managers who run tourist firms, (ordinary members), but also normal people who are interested in living their holidays in the country or share the statutary aims of the association (participant members).

The activity of Agriturist is mainly addressed to the development and promotion of farm holiday services, or ''agriturismo'', and of all the other tourist activities connected to it), to the enhancement of typical products of agriculture, to the safeguarding of the country landscape, and natural environment, at the knowledge of peasant and rural culture.

Agriturist organize also some training courses, journalistic prizes, wine auctions, exhibitions of typical produce, food and wine tastings, workshops for foreign guests, meetings and conferences, and also events to inform and promote.

The association was founded to collaborate with different parts of the associative world. the other ones are: WWF, Italia Nostra, TCI, Associazione Nazionale per il Turismo Equestre, Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane, Istituto Nazionale di Sociologia Rurale, UNCEM, Enti Montani, Confagricoltura, l'Associazione Nazionale Giovani Agricoltori, Accademia Italiana della Cucina.

Agriturist proposes the following serveces to its associates:
-Assistance during projects and when starting their business;
-Assistance in the procedure for releasing administrative permits;
-Information and updating on the laws connected with the ''agriturismo'' sector;
-Promotion within the tourist market , through guides, Internet site, booking service ''Farm Holidays'', tourist packages, advertising events, press service;
-Union protection, through a constant relationship with the State , regional, local authorities, with proposals of new laws and checking of the correct application of current laws.

Governing Council

President:Daniela Maccaferri Zingarelli
Vice President: Lisa Ravà e Andrea Pannocchieschi d’Elci

Board Members

Laura Cresti
Simone Lorenzo Signorni
Maria Grazia Florido
Paolo Ciacci
Diana Lenzi-Anga
Enrica Bartolini Gori

Responsible provincial section
Fabiola Materozzi:



AGRITURIST Sezione Provinciale di Siena
Via Massetana Romana, 50/A - 53100 Siena
Tel.+39 0577 533202
Fax +39 0577 627037